Our Mission

The Apostello Workcamp exists to provide an opportunity to make an impact on our community as an unconditional act of service and love. This is a week-long event where young adults paint homes, landscape yards, and do various community service projects.  We work closely with the Missoula non-profit organizations, Imagine Missoula and Missoula Aging Services.  


Meet Our Team

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Adam Skrok

Lead Director of Apostello

John Headhshot.png

John Lewing

Project Coordinator


Jodie Satterlee

Volunteer Coordinator


Jenny Martinez

Meals & Food Coordinator


Jenn Bartlett

Excursions Coordinator

Olivia Headshot.png

Olivia Moore

Assistant Director of Apostello & Communications Guru

JD Headshot.png

J.D. Partain

Pastor of Echo Church


Joe Tredik

Programming Coordinator


Ethan Jenkins

Audio Tech Coordinator


Jen Blake

Prayer Team Coordinator